Interior Expertise

We do the best designer to suit your needs and our best Interior Architecture Designs provide the best living experience.

Reasonable Price

Our expertise caters to each client's unique needs and dreams. Providing solutions with the best effective budget plan to turn your imagination into reality.

Guaranteed Works

Quality is paramount at SINAI Interiors. Quality is the topmost priority at SINAI. We never compromise on the quality and provide the best of the materials throughout your journey with us

Timely Completion

Our specialized project management skills, and We ensure timely completion of all our Design project works.

Customized Design

We are a group made up of creative wizards that create conceptual designs according to your preferences and needs.

Project Management

Our project managers answer all your queries, and we keep you posted with all the updates on time. Sinai having 28years of expertise you can be confident with us and expect your job to be done as per the proposal.

Architectural Consulting

We focus budget friendly planning with an effective long lasting life .Ready to start the execution with guaranteed timely completion.

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Interior Designing

At SINAI, interior designing is the most important phase of all our projects. Our best home interior designers transform houses in to homes and hence we believe our clients get to welcome the most unique interior ideas to their homes

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Interior Exterior Furnishing

We do thorough quality checking throughout the manufacturing process.Interior furnishing is an essential part of any building as it carries the mood and energy of the same.SINAI, the famous interior designing firm and furniture designers  in Kannur

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Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

A meeting is a formal talk or exchange of ideas and opinions between two or more people. It’s important because it allows each participant to understand and evaluate the situation, consider different solutions, and decide or agree.

A Designing concept is a brief description of an idea behind the existence of a Interior Designing. It describes key consumer problems it seeks to solve, articulates how the idea applies to and provides a clear direction when processing a plan.

When designing a space, there are seven elements that you should consider: space, form, line, light, colour pattern and texture. Interior design is the process of creating, modifying and coordinating the elements of interior space to satisfy the needs and requirements of the user, while simultaneously ensuring the safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of the space.”

The designer and contractor work together from the beginning, as a team, providing unified project recommendations to fit the Owner’s schedule and budget.